Cerasela Bănică about school segregation – on air at Radio România Actualitati

Mrs. Cerasela Bănică, the President of CADO, was invited at ”Serviciul de Noapte cu Maria Toghinaă” at Radio Romania Actualitati. She talked about racial discrimination and school segregation, topics addressed by CADO within the project School for all children! -II. According to Mrs. Bănică “On a personal, individual level, the effects of segregation are deep and long lasting. A child who is taught since the kindergarten, from grade 0, that the separation is normal for him because he is less good, because he has a certain skin color, a certain problem, a certain disability, that he is poor, that he does not it has as good results as the others in the class, it leads to the internalization of all these dramas, a stigma that will be maintained until old ages.”


“Working together for an inclusive Europe!”


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